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Наложить Фото Друг На Друга Онлайн

Описание. Superimpose studio allows you to superimpose multiple images by various tools.
■ main features ■ ・ up to 10 layer images (device-dependent) ・ cut the image for the layers ・ add shadow for each layer image ・ adjust edge blur for each layer image ・ can save the layer image to camera roll as the transparent png file ・ add text ・ can use 300 fonts ・ restore the last data you edited ・ share on instagram, twitter and facebook ■ tools for cutting image ■ 1. Auto remove tool ・ can remove similar colors area automatically 2. Lasso tool ・ cut the area enclosed by drawing the line 3. Shape ・ cut the image into the shape определить цветотип онлайн по фото 4. Eraser ・ remove the area you touched 5. Restore tool ・ restore the area you touched ■ maximum number of layers ■ iphone 5s, iphone 5c, iphone 5, iphone 4s ・10 images iphone 4 ・7 images iphone 3gs ・5 images.
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